New csf v2.39


  • Added OS check to Security Check to warn if using RH7/9 FC1/2 which are no longer supported (or about to be retired)
  • Made lfd more lenient when it cannot open a log file (reports the error but continues to function)
  • PHP Server Check – if /opt/suphp_php_bin/php.ini exists use that for php settings
  • Added new option RELAYHOSTS to csf.conf which allows you to automatically allow access to IP’s listed in /etc/relayhosts at a specified interval

ConfigServer cPanel Services

We’ve decided to simplify our cPanel Server Service packages to a single package (with a MailScanner option). This has been done for a one main reason – we’ve found that many people who were purchasing the smaller packages were needing the security features of the large packages and weren’t benefitting from them, frequently purchasing additional services from us to bring their servers up to the Full Service spec.To better service our customers we’ve created a single package that tackles all of the apsects of server security and management that we deal with. We’ve reduced the price of what was the cPanel Full Service package for the new all encompassing package.We have not removed any features at all whilst doing this.We hope the change benefits our customers in making their servers more secure and managable.

New MailScanner Front-End (MSFE) v3.6


  • Fixed file ownership issue that affected /etc/cron.d/
  • Added In/Outgoing Queue View

If you don’t already have a download account and wish to upgrade MSFE and have purchased an installation service package from us in the past, email and we’ll provide you with a download account for