New MailScanner Front-End (MSFE) v4.01


  • v4.01 – Modified installation routines to better support old OS’s (only applies to updates v4.01+)
  • Set Virus Scanning default to To: instead of FromOrTo: for new installations
  • Added Performance tweak to enable/disable outgoing virus scanning
  • Added note to Performance tweak – if Dangerous Content scanning is disabled, File Attachment checking is also disabled

New MailScanner Script v2.50

Anyone with a VPS that has upgraded to v2.49 of the script will want to upgrade again – Changes:

  • Implemented a workaround for a major bug in MailScanner v4.58.9 that breaks MailScanner if on a server (e.g. a VPS) where /dev/shm exists but is not a mountpoint for a tmpfs device – naughty MailScanner

New MailScanner Front-End (MSFE) v4.0


  • Installation no longer attempts to recreate mailscanner database or update the MailScanner configuration settings if the mailscanner MySQL database already exists
  • Added whitelisting to virus.scanning.rules for mails released from quarantine (i.e. sent locally and from the postmaster@hostname address)
  • Moved to a simpler installer script using the license server
  • Timeout version checks incase version server is unavailable
  • Added check for incorrect ClamAV (or clamavconnector) installation which causes MailScanner to be disabled
  • Improved support for remote MySQL database servers

Ouch, that hurt!

Our apologies if you’ve been trying to contact us today. We had a main hard drive failure on our configserver/waytotheweb server which took us down for a while.Many thanks to our server provider Coreix for their very prompt work in getting us back up with a new disk.I then had the fun of running our own restore service on our own server ;)Well, we’re back up and running now 😀