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Warning: Exim v4.97 breaks MailScanner

An update that was made to exim v4.97 has broken the functionality of MailScanner. The update has made the exim Message ID a different length which MailScanner cannot process.

Currently, this issue does not affect cPanel, but does affect DirectAdmin if exim is upgraded to this version. The symptoms are that MailScanner fails to process emails in the queue with errors in the logs stating that it cannot find the ID related spool file.

We have released a modification to MailScanner that addresses this issue:

New csf v14.20


  • Modified MaxMind URLs to use https
  • Fixed DOCTYPE print order for integrated UI login
  • Added “Require all granted” to Messenger v3 .htaccess generation
  • Normalise source IP during connection tracking for IPv6 comparisons
  • Fixed regression for some IMAP logon failure detections

New cxs v13.09


  • Added 50% speedup for the Universal decoder
  • Improvements to the Universal decoder ability to detect encoded scripts
  • Added check for /public_html dir on Plesk for migrated cPanel accounts when using –www

New csf v14.19


  • Switch to using iptables-nft if it exists in /usr/sbin/iptables-nft
  • Added IO::Handle::clearerr() call before reading data from a log file
  • Added “Require all granted” to the MESSENGER .htaccess file
  • Added UID/GID rules to IPv6 if enabled
  • Modified dovecot regex to look for “failed: Connection reset by peer”


New csf v14.18


  • Added port 853 for DoT to all new installs
  • Added exe wpt-panopticon on cPanel servers to csf.pignore
  • Updated list of EOL PHP versions
  • Modified HTACCESS regex to include “remote” as well as “client” log lines
  • Implemented DA POST workaround for saving large text files via the UI
  • Modified MESSENGER to only send unblock email if a valid IP is requested
  • Modified DA server check to look for multiple php versions in /usr/local/php*