New MailScanner Front-End (MSFE) v9.19


  • Added workaround if MySQL socket access fails. Creating the following file will force mailcontrol to use TCP access on instead of the unix socket:
  • If /var/log/maillog does not exists but /var/log/mail.log does, then use that for the tail maillog command in the UI

New cxs v13.08


  • Added SHA256 support
  • Added support for a significantly large database of SHA256 fingerprints

New csf v14.17


  • Removed Security Report recommendations that do not apply to unsupported control panels
  • Updated Security Report to show PHP v7.3 is EOL
  • Confirmed support for RHEL v9

New cxs v13.07


  • Implemented an improved email wrapper
  • Improved SSL update procedure
  • Remove InterWorx restrictions on viewing the UI in NodeWorx
  • Added official release and full support on DirectAdmin Ubuntu/Debian
  • Fixed version checking for Plesk

New osm v2.06


  • Added official release and full support on DirectAdmin for RHEL derived and Ubuntu/Debian operating systems

New MailScanner Front-End (MSFE) v9.15


  • Improved SSL update procedure
  • Fixed issue downloading messages in the end-user cPanel UI
  • Fixed issue with end-user language file selection
  • Modified MSFE digest end-user URL for cPanel users to cater for different themes

We are taking a short break and will close the store, helpdesk and email from Wednesday, 30 November through Tuesday, 6 December 2022.

If you purchase a license or Service Package before the closing date and require installation, please be sure to leave at least 24 hours before then for the work to be done. Otherwise, any work will be scheduled for after this period. We will reopen on Wednesday, 7 December 2022.