New cmm v1.04


  • UI changes when browsing a mailbox when within a directory only show the current directory and emails. Added Go Up button to return to the top of the mailbox
  • Added selected delete of files when browsing a mailbox
  • Added empty directory when browsing a mailbox
  • Added cPanel account quota check before allowing edit of filters or forwarders or adding a new mailbox to prevent data loss in the event of quota exceeded for the account

ClamAV errors

If you’re unexpectedly seeing the following in /var/log/maillog for emails blocked with zip file attachments:ClamAVModule::INFECTED:: Oversized.Zip::Then you may have not reinstalled the Mail::ClamAV perl module after upgrading ClamAV recently. The MailScanner Front-End does upgrade the perl module for you, but if you perform the ClamAV upgrade manually, then you need to be sure to run:

/scripts/perlinstaller –force Mail::ClamAV

It’s important to use –force otherwise the perl module most likely won’t be reinstalled (i.e. if the version of the perl module hasn’t changed).Then restart MailScanner:

service MailScanner restart

New csf v2.47


  • Modified DYNDNS code to set listed domains IP addresses to be ignored as if they were listed in csf.ignore
  • If adding an IP address to csf.allow that is already in csf.deny, the IP address will now be removed from csf.deny first and the DROP removed from iptables. It will then be added to csf.allow as normal

New csf v2.46


  • Added auto-detection of additional exim port (same as SSH port) which will be added to TCP_IN on csf installation (or if in TESTING mode)
  • Only report PT_USERMEM and PT_USERTIME PIDs once

New csf v2.45

Changes and new features:

  • Added workaround to restart the bandmin acctboth chains if csf is stopped or (re)started
  • Rewritten the way RELAYHOSTS works so instead of using an iptables chain a check is done at block time on the IP address and if it is in /etc/relayhosts then it will be treated as if it is listed in csf.ignore
  • Enabled RELAYHOSTS by default, which is now a boolean on off (1 or 0) instead of a time interval
  • Added exe:/usr/local/cpanel/bin/logrunner to csf.pignore
  • Added new options PT_USERMEM and PT_USERTIME to report excessive user process usage and optionally PT_USERKILL to kill such processes. An alert is sent using resalert.txt