New csf v10.06


  • Added new entry in csf.pignore on cPanel servers for:
  • Croak if IPTABLES is not set, incorrect or not present in csf.conf
  • Set SELinux context for /etc/logrotate.d/lfd on new generic installs

New cxs v6.35


  • Added support for scanning a space separated list of files, directories and globs. See POD for RESOURCE for more information
  • Updated POD to remove line splitting for sample commands
  • Improvements to Universal decoder
  • Modified Universal decoder to report bayes score (–[no]bayes)
  • New –options [r]. This will trigger a match for the universal decoder regex used by –options [D] when decoding scripts. This is now added to the default –options [options] string. This reports as “r” during a scan
  • Modified reporting behaviour where –options [R] was reporting during a scan as “m” so that it now reports as “R”
  • Note: If you are using –script [script] then the above two changes may require modifications to your [script] file

New csf v10.05


  • Fixed table header html/css
  • Added workaround for adding superusers listed in /etc/csf/csf.syslogusers to the RESTRICT_SYSLOG_GROUP if the log socket is not accessed via the owner permissions
  • Changes for cPanel v64 template
  • Updated text description in csf.dirwatch for new installs

New csf v10.03


  • Added new option MESSENGER_HTTPS_SKIPMAIL on cPanel installations. This option ignores ServerAlias definitions that begin with “mail.”. This can help with memory usage on systems that do not require the use of MESSENGER_HTTPS on those subdomains. The option is enabled by default on cPanel servers
  • Improved RECAPTCHA_* hostname check
  • Cluster CLI can now block CIDRs, e.g LF_NETBLOCK blocks will be applied cluster-wide

New csf v10.02


  • Modified Messenger HTTPS to cater for a wider range of Apache VirtualHost formatting
  • Added Messenger HTTPS workaround for servers using PEM but a version of IO::Socket::SSL that does not yet support it (pre v1.988)
  • Added Messenger HTTPS warning in csf.conf regarding memory usage on some servers using the option
  • Added java binary for cPanel solr process to csf.pignore on new and existing servers

New csf v10.00


  • Added new feature to MESSENGER: MESSENGER_HTTPS*. See /etc/csf/csf.conf for more detail. This option redirects blocked IP addresses that connect over an HTTPS connection (port 443) to the HTML MESSENGER service. The option uses existing SSL certificates on the server for each domain to maintain a secure SSL SNI connection without browser warnings. The setting is disabled by default

    Note: The perl module IO::Socket::SSL (v1.83+) with support for SNI must be available to use MESSENGER_HTTPS* otherwise it will be disabled

  • Added new feature to MESSENGER: Google ReCAPTCHA (v2) to allow those blocked in the firewall to unblock themselves. See RECAPTCHA_* in /etc/csf/csf.conf for more details and limitations
  • Added MESSENGER procedure to restart listening sub-process if it has died
  • Moved MESSENGER processes to a separate module
  • Ensure that all forked processes terminate appropriately
  • On cPanel servers, use the cPanel WHM Template to support the new v64 UI layout (as best we can to maintain the look that we want)
  • Modified the cPanel csf ACL metadata and driver Perl modules to match new requirements for v64 and also maintain backwards compatibility