New cmq v3.04


  • Added workaround for exim v4.97 which uses longer message-id’s

New cmq v3.03


  • Update to DA install procedure
  • Added workaround for iOS issue with bootstrap modals

ConfigServer Scripts on cPanel v92 and CentOS v8

For those venturing into the new world of cPanel v92 in the EDGE tier on CentOS v8.2, our initial tests show that all of our scripts and products install and work as expected.

We had already done extensive work on CentOS v8 with csf, cxs and MailScanner to ensure they work in this new OS iteration (mostly on DirectAdmin) and the cPanel environment continues to provide for the resources needed to make installation, configuration and functionality straightforward.

New cmq v3.02


  • Fixed local domain detection on cPanel
  • Added support for Exim named queues method for MailScanner when using MSFE
  • Added ignore SIGPIPE
  • Improved DA session checking

New cmq v3.01


  • Fixed issue where was not copied on cPanel servers to /etc/cmq
  • Fixed duplicate footer output in cPanel UI HTML

New cmq v3.00


  • Added DirectAdmin support
  • Move UI to Perl module to better support multiple control panels

Download Product SHA256 Checksums

We have added a single downloadable text file that contains SHA256 checksums for all of our products. The file is linked to from each product download/installation page. The checksum within the file for each product refers to the latest version that can be downloaded from our site.

The latest SHA256 checksums of all our products can be downloaded here: checksums.txt

New cmq v2.09


  • Added routine to select from multiple download servers for script

New cmq v2.07


  • Configured UI to fully integrate with cPanel templates without using iframes
  • Configured UI to display full cPanel breadcrumbs
  • Configured UI to support cPanel v66 WHM UI changes