ConfigServer Services Blog

New csf v14.16


  • Removed some spurious debug code
  • Modified alert templates for:
    These have been changed to include the log line that triggered the alert to help give context to the alert and the date/time from the log to identify when the event occurred. All the relevant templates are modified to include the log line for existing and new installs
  • Implemented an addition check for webmin that we’re in the csf module before creating symlink to the UI script
  • Fixed parameter checking for some dovecot regexes
  • If DEBUG is enabled and the sendmail binary fails to send an lfd alert, the email text will now be logged to /var/log/lfd.log with an error

New osm v2.05


  • Improved SSL update procedure
  • Implemented Net::Pcap v0.20 for cPanel on Ubuntu

New MSFE v9.13


  • If “Display Client IP column with sort” is enabled in MailControl, digest fields will show the Client IP under the From field
  • If “Always launch message View Details in new window” is enabled, also launch “Search Messages > Email ID” in a new window
  • Use Text::Wrap to ensure email line lengths are within specifications for digest emails
  • Switch from check_cpanel_rpms to check_cpanel_pkgs when checking rpms on cPanel servers