New cxs v13.08


  • Added SHA256 support
  • Added support for a significantly large database of SHA256 fingerprints

New cxs v13.07


  • Implemented an improved email wrapper
  • Improved SSL update procedure
  • Remove InterWorx restrictions on viewing the UI in NodeWorx
  • Added official release and full support on DirectAdmin Ubuntu/Debian
  • Fixed version checking for Plesk

New cxs v13.05


  • Use Text::Wrap to ensure email line lengths are within specifications

New cxs v13.03


  • Fixed issue with full scan reports failing to be produced when multiple full scans are run

New cxs v13.02


  • Improved thread report generation stability
  • Improvements to sversionscan matching
  • Fingerprint Database refresh

New cxs v13.01


  • Added command to remove pure-ftpd configuration from local pure-ftpd cPanel config file. This will only affect upgrades from pre v13.0. If the upgrade to 13.00 has already been done, then this will have to be done manually using the root shell command:
    sed -i “/^CallUploadScript/d” /var/cpanel/conf/pureftpd/local
  • Fixed –threads [auto] calculation on servers with 4 or fewer CPUs

New cxs v13.00


  • NOTICE: Removed the long deprecated cxs integration with pure-ftpd. If this option was still installed and enabled, then this version of cxs will automatically stop and uninstall the pure-ftpd integration with cxs and cannot be re-enabled
  • Fixed issue with missing Account Creation Hook with cPanel install which prevented cxswatch detecting newly created cPanel accounts
  • Released a new and improved Bayesian database
  • Added new probability level of “veryhigh” which is now the default level for –paction [level] if B is added to quarantine/delete options
  • Renamed –[no]bayes to –[no]probability
    Renamed –breport [level] to –preport [level]
    Renamed –baction [level] to –paction [level]
    Note: the old commands continue to work as synonyms so no changes to existing installations is needed
  • Added Probability results to the Scan Summary if enabled

Notice of removal of cxs integration with pure-ftpd

We deprecated the integration of cxs with pure-ftpd way back in 2019:

New cxs v11.04

The next release of cxs will remove this integration completely and no longer be available.

Any existing installation still using this integration will see this removed on upgrade. It cannot then be re-enabled as the components will have been completely removed.