New cxs Bayes Database

If you use the cxs –bayes feature, then you can download the latest bayesian database for cxs by running:

cxs --bget

This happens automatically when a new version of cxs is released and cxs upgrades, otherwise you will have to run the command above manually.

The new database has been generated from the last 2 years worth of exploits, so should help the accuracy of exploit categorisation.

New cxs v6.23


  • Reduced banner padding
  • Default the initial clamd socket check to /var/clamd
  • Modified UI to show if cxs watch is currently restarting
  • New logo added and configured for cPanel plugins
  • Exploit fingerprint definitions database additions

New cxs v6.22


  • Added new option [no]unofficial. This option ignores unofficial ClamAV signatures by default. This has been brought in to tackle the increasing number of false-positives in unofficial virus signatures
  • WARNING: Due to the new –[no]unofficial the unsupported option –YSKIPUNCLAM has been removed and will have no effect if used
  • Modified UI to always try contacting the clamd socket to ensure it is installed, configured and running

New cxs v6.20


  • Added Scroll to Top/Bottom buttons
  • Added back the warning regarding the UI ModSecurity enable option
  • Consolidate images, css and javascript into a common directory in the installer
  • Fixed cxs version display in UI footer

New cxs v6.19


  • Modified UI to use container-fluid to improve whitespace use
  • Modified pre tags to wrap on whitespace
  • Added upgrade note to the top of the UI if available
  • Exploit fingerprint definitions database additions