New cxs v13.01


  • Added command to remove pure-ftpd configuration from local pure-ftpd cPanel config file. This will only affect upgrades from pre v13.0. If the upgrade to 13.00 has already been done, then this will have to be done manually using the root shell command:
    sed -i “/^CallUploadScript/d” /var/cpanel/conf/pureftpd/local
  • Fixed –threads [auto] calculation on servers with 4 or fewer CPUs

New cxs v13.00


  • NOTICE: Removed the long deprecated cxs integration with pure-ftpd. If this option was still installed and enabled, then this version of cxs will automatically stop and uninstall the pure-ftpd integration with cxs and cannot be re-enabled
  • Fixed issue with missing Account Creation Hook with cPanel install which prevented cxswatch detecting newly created cPanel accounts
  • Released a new and improved Bayesian database
  • Added new probability level of “veryhigh” which is now the default level for –paction [level] if B is added to quarantine/delete options
  • Renamed –[no]bayes to –[no]probability
    Renamed –breport [level] to –preport [level]
    Renamed –baction [level] to –paction [level]
    Note: the old commands continue to work as synonyms so no changes to existing installations is needed
  • Added Probability results to the Scan Summary if enabled

New cxs v12.06


  • Improved memory overhead when processing tarballs
  • Improved memory overhead when processing zip files
  • Ensure /etc/cxs/sessions is created
  • Allow “–threads 1” to help memory footprint
  • Modified –threads [num] to add an “auto” option, i.e. –threads auto. This will calculate an optimum number of threads on servers with more than 4 CPUs. See docs for more information
  • Updated documentation to specify processor threads, not cores
  • Fixed –threads [num] report post-processing sorting

ConfigServer Scripts on cPanel v92 and CentOS v8

For those venturing into the new world of cPanel v92 in the EDGE tier on CentOS v8.2, our initial tests show that all of our scripts and products install and work as expected.

We had already done extensive work on CentOS v8 with csf, cxs and MailScanner to ensure they work in this new OS iteration (mostly on DirectAdmin) and the cPanel environment continues to provide for the resources needed to make installation, configuration and functionality straightforward.

New cxs v12.04


  • Modified cxs on DA to set defapache to “webapps” by default
  • Improve handling of corrupt database and exit cleanly
  • Modified behaviour of –cgi to force enable –qlocal if mod_security run as a user other than –defapache [user]
  • Fixed issue where was not running to check for perl modules on install
  • Added diagnostic information for –cgi issues

New cxs v12.03


  • DirectAdmin moved from BETA to RELEASE for RHEL/CentOS/CL
  • Added new option –vmmax [kB]. This will abort a scan if the VmRSS size of the process exceeds this value to prevent memory exhaustion. By default it is set to 2000000 kB = 2GB
  • Modified cxs reputation reporting to prevent overloading
  • Improved DA session checking
  • Added -u to unzip UI commands
  • Protect from logarithm divide by 0 error
  • Improved DA UI display