New cxs v6.30


  • Added a new Universal decoder. This attempts brute-force against PHP scripts containing base64 data and can greatly improve decoding performance over other included decoders
  • Improved recent advanced decoder
  • Perl module Compress::Zlib added to requirements (should be installed by default with perl)

New cxs v6.28


  • Correct POD documentation regarding –Wmaxchild
  • Ensure that original self-contained inline PHP zip file is quarantined rather than zip file member

New cxs Bayes Database

If you use the cxs –bayes feature, then you can download the latest bayesian database for cxs by running:

cxs --bget

This happens automatically when a new version of cxs is released and cxs upgrades, otherwise you will have to run the command above manually.

The new database has been generated from the last 2 years worth of exploits, so should help the accuracy of exploit categorisation.