New cxs v6.23


  • Reduced banner padding
  • Default the initial clamd socket check to /var/clamd
  • Modified UI to show if cxs watch is currently restarting
  • New logo added and configured for cPanel plugins
  • Exploit fingerprint definitions database additions

New MailScanner Front-End (MSFE) v7.31


  • MailControl: Added new option in MailControl Settings to Modify database when Learn as Ham/Spam is used. This will change the database and how those messages and statistics are presented. The option is disabled by default
  • MailControl: If subject found in database header record, use that and decode any MIME subject. This helps with the display of non-Latin characters

Changes in v7.30:

  • MailControl: Statistics html changes to remove excess white space
  • MailControl: Added Daily Totals tableĀ  and graph to Statistics
  • Added icon image for cPanel WHM plugin

New MailScanner Front-End (MSFE) v7.28


  • MailControl: Added new setting to configure Statistics ip lookups to be via ajax, inline or disabled
  • MailControl: Statistics ip lookups are now permformed via ajax by default to speed up initial page load
  • MailControl: Modified Statistics for relay and spam IP’s to use clientip rather than extracting IP’s from the header as only this is guaranteed to be true and also speeds up the queries
  • MailControl: Added Search option for all Statistics results