New cxs v8.05


  • Added new option –cutcgimail. This option suppresses emails sent by cxs for ModSecurity hits from /etc/cxs/ where the reported web script does not exist on the server. Any configured quarantine or delete operations will still be performed. Note: This option is the synonymous with the unsupported –YSKIPCGI option which will continue to work in the same way
  • Added –cutcgimail to the cxs ModSecurity Wizard as “Reduce the number of emails from ModSecurity hits”
  • Changed the wording in the email sent where the reported web script does not exist on the server
  • Improvements to the saving logic in the various UI Wizards

New cxs v8.03


  • Fix issue using stat() after abs_path() on an orphaned sylink

    NOTE: If you received error “Use of uninitialized value $arg in stat”
    during a a cron job scan, that scan will still have completed
    successfully and this fixes that issue

  • Ensure d/b is closed after processing dbreport
  • Ensure crond is restarted after making changes to cxs-cron

New csf v11.06


  • Modified Integrated UI to use new cxs UI perl modules
  • Added custom redirect line for webmin UI when STYLE_CUSTOM enabled
  • Ensure ip6tables nat table is flushed if present whether MESSENGER is enabled or not

New cxs v8.00


  • Added new cxs Setup Wizard to the UI for easy first-time configuration
  • Added new cxs Command Wizard to help create effective scan commands
  • Manual scans via the UI now run detached from the control panel interface so that the need to keep the browser open is no longer required
  • Added a completely new quarantine interface via an SQLite database
  • Added statistics to provide information at a glance as to what cxs has been doing
  • Added new option –dbreport. This will store reports within the SQLite database
  • Added command Wizards to help configure cxs Watch, Modsecurity and FTP
  • Added cxs Daily/Weekly Scan Wizard, to create and modify cron jobs in /etc/cron.d/cxs-cron
  • Added an option to rerun the new cxs Setup Wizard if you want a fresh start
  • Added an option to rescan a quarantine directory to populate the SQLite database
  • Added new option –config [file]. Instead of listing arguments on the cxs command line, a file containing key value pairs can be used instead. This is a requirement for configuring cxs Watch, cxs FTP and cxs ModSecurity scanning via the UI
  • Move cxs POD to separate files and use pre-generated text and html files to remove the need for perldoc binary
  • Updated install.txt documentation
  • New requirements: SQLite v3, DBI and DBD::SQLite perl modules for the new quarantine/scan database. These are all included in the cPanel environment, but may need to be installed in other environments before cxs will upgrade
  • Ignore cPanel temporary files in /var/cpanel/users/
  • Improvements to WordPress plugin version checks
  • Fixed glob scan stats