ConfigServer Services Blog

New MailScanner Front-End (MSFE) v9.19


  • Added workaround if MySQL socket access fails. Creating the following file will force mailcontrol to use TCP access on instead of the unix socket:
  • If /var/log/maillog does not exists but /var/log/mail.log does, then use that for the tail maillog command in the UI

New csf v14.17


  • Removed Security Report recommendations that do not apply to unsupported control panels
  • Updated Security Report to show PHP v7.3 is EOL
  • Confirmed support for RHEL v9

New cxs v13.07


  • Implemented an improved email wrapper
  • Improved SSL update procedure
  • Remove InterWorx restrictions on viewing the UI in NodeWorx
  • Added official release and full support on DirectAdmin Ubuntu/Debian
  • Fixed version checking for Plesk