New osm v2.00

Changes: Added BETA support for DirectAdmin on RHEL/CentOS/CloudLinux/AlmaLinux v7+ and v8+. BETA means that there may be bugs or missing features in the DA installation before final release

New cxs v12.06

Changes: Improved memory overhead when processing tarballs Improved memory overhead when processing zip files Ensure /etc/cxs/sessions is created Allow “–threads 1” to help memory footprint Modified –threads [num] to add an “auto” option, i.e. –threads auto. This will calculate an…

New csf v14.09

Changes: Improvements to CC IP lookup binary search Modified index.recaptcha.php and index.php to use square instead of deprecated curly brackets on array index for PHP v7.4+ Modified Server Check regex matching on include in dovecot config files in RHEL v8+…

New cxs v12.05

Changes: Added CWP ModSecurity integration via UI DBI finish added before disconnect to discard any active fetches Added workaround for iOS issue with bootstrap modals

We are taking a short break and will close the store, helpdesk and email from Wednesday, 30 November through Tuesday, 6 December 2022.

If you purchase a license or Service Package before the closing date and require installation, please be sure to leave at least 24 hours before then for the work to be done. Otherwise, any work will be scheduled for after this period. We will reopen on Wednesday, 7 December 2022.