New osm v2.01


  • Fixed issue with updating exim acl file permissions
  • Updated installation document to include the perl module perl-JSON-XS
  • Fixed issue where localhost SMTP mail sent on a single connection to multiple recipients was being ignored

New osm v2.00


  • Added BETA support for DirectAdmin on RHEL/CentOS/CloudLinux/AlmaLinux v7+ and v8+. BETA means that there may be bugs or missing features in the DA installation before final release

New osm v1.28


  • Added new option to set the cPanel suspend reason text
  • Added new option to lock cPanel accounts on suspend to prevent resellers unsuspending them
  • Added new feature to the ignore setting to ignore email Subject regexes for logline events
  • Modified docs to further emphasise that a trigger level must be exceeded, not met

ConfigServer Scripts on cPanel v92 and CentOS v8

For those venturing into the new world of cPanel v92 in the EDGE tier on CentOS v8.2, our initial tests show that all of our scripts and products install and work as expected.

We had already done extensive work on CentOS v8 with csf, cxs and MailScanner to ensure they work in this new OS iteration (mostly on DirectAdmin) and the cPanel environment continues to provide for the resources needed to make installation, configuration and functionality straightforward.

New osm v1.27


  • Fixed osmd startup condition that could lead to removal of the process pid file if already running
  • Ensure any Storable problems are captured rather than causing the process to die
  • Ensure child processes do not remove pid file during process termination
  • Fixed issue where main parent could terminate unexpectedly

New osm v1.25


  • Added configuration option for packet scanning ports. This can be modified if desired, provided the implications are understood
  • Fixed UI help html
  • Added a read timeout to the pcap_open_live function to reduce timeout polling and to buffer multiple packets for processing
  • Fixed issue with the UI upgrade not returning correctly leading to a blank page
  • Convert UI to use the csget mechanism for checking new versions

New OSM v1.24


  • Added hostname to osm report email Subject
  • Fixed issue where csf IP blocks within report UI were not being actioned
  • Fixed issue with Report UI html output formatting
  • Fixed issue with existing firewall IP blocks not being identified in Report UI