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ConfigServer scripts on cPanel v11.56

cPanel are upgrading the embedded version of perl on cPanel v11.56 (v56) from perl v5.14 to v5.22, which is a good thing. However, any daemons running under the cPanel embedded version of perl must be restarted after cPanel upgrades otherwise they will start to fail with obscure messages.

To avoid this, you should ensure that any such daemon processes are restarted soon after the upgrade to cPanel v11.56. In the case of ConfigServer products, this means: lfd, cxs and MailScanner.

Fortunately, if you are running csf/lfd on your server then lfd automatically does this for you (for lfd, cxs and MailScanner) whenever upcp runs and upgrades the cPanel version, so you should not need to do anything.

However, if you do have problems or you do not run csf/lfd but do use MailScanner or cxs, then you will need to restart those services manually once your installation of cPanel upgrades to this new release.

New cxs v6.09


  • Fixed quarantine store of file group ownership used for display purposes only. The problem manifests when a users uid != gid and the incorrect group is used for display purposes
  • Fixed Wmonitor display of file group ownership. The problem manifests when a the users uid != gid and the incorrect group is used for display purposes

New cxs v6.08


  • Replace /etc/cxs/test/ files with a single non-threatening script that will test trigger cxs and can be used to check the cxs ModSecurity rule is working. See /etc/cxs/install.txt for details
  • Modified ModSecurity integration Install/Remove options in cxs UI for EA4
  • Exploit fingerprint definitions database additions

New csf v8.25


  • Modified Config loading to check for valid ip6tables location before attempting to use it
  • Modify Server Report to support checking of cPanel MultiPHP configurations when using EasyApache v4
  • Removed PHP check for suhosin from Server Report
  • Improved cipher check for pure-ftpd in Server Report
  • Added password reset check for subaccounts in Server Report on cPanel servers
  • Added cPanelID check in Server Report on cPanel servers

New csf v8.22


  • Fix csf –tempdeny from allowing blocking of local IPs
  • Fix problem where LF_NETBLOCK was no longer affective after blocking a its first netblock until it timed out from csf.tempip
  • Modify UI table spacing

New cxs v6.05


  • Added version detection for Drupal v8
  • Added PureFTPd integration Enable/Disable/Restart options to cxs UI
  • Added ModSecurity integration Install/Remove options to cxs UI
  • Mute perl lc UTF-16 warnings where necessary
  • New –options [U]. This option will match PHP scripts that allow uploading files to the server via the HTTP POST method. This option requires that –options [m] is also specified
  • Added –options [U] to the Restricted Mode UI options
  • UI updates and improvements
  • Exploit fingerprint definitions database additions