We will be closing our Store, Helpdesk, Forums and not responding to emails as follows for the Holiday season:

From: 17:30(GMT) 22nd December 2017
To: 09:30(GMT) 2nd January 2018

If you wish to make a purchase or log a ticket for work to be done before 17:30(GMT) 22nd December 2017, please be sure to do so at least 48 hours beforehand. Any outstanding work after this time will be resumed in the new year.

New csf v11.05


  • Added new configuration option PT_SSHDKILL. This option will terminate the SSH processes created when blocking an IP
  • Added a “Fix Common Problems” section to the csf UI for various common configuration issues
  • Ensure application ports are always defined in lfd

New MailScanner Front-End (MSFE) v8.11


  • Added White/Blacklist buttons in MailControl to action against email address or email domain
  • Added ability to download an email in message/rfc822 format in both WHM and cPanel MailControl
  • Fixed issue with bootstrap js not being loaded by the cPanel template for cPanel MailControl

New csf v11.04


  • Added new configuration option LF_APACHE_ERRPORT. This option is used to determine if the Apache error_log format contains the client port after the client IP. By default it is set to autodetect

New csf v11.02


  • Integrated UI fix for CloudFlare page
  • Removed non-participated deny options for cxs reputation service
  • Changed PT_SSHDHUNG to use a regex for process cmdline detection
  • Fixed issue with IPv6 client detection in Apache logs

New csf v11.01


  • Corrections to readme.txt
  • In UI, display long output into fixed height divs with scrollbars and font size changer
  • Modified Server Check to not display the mod_cloudflare warning if CF_ENABLE enabled
  • Modified Server Check to display a single warning for each PHP check listing affected versions instead of multiple warnings
  • Additional exim check added to Server Check
  • Improvements to ajax output in UI

New cxs v7.03


  • Remove the need for URI::Escape
  • Added restart of csf/lfd on upgrade if cxs Reputation System is enabled
  • Restrict the scope of perl shebang replacement when installing on cPanel servers

New csf v11.00


  • New Feature: CloudFlare Firewall integration. This feature provides blocking and unblocking functionality with the CloudFlare Firewall from within lfd, together with new CLI commands for direct access. See documentation for CF_ENABLE in csf.conf, information in readme.txt as well as the csf man page
  • Added UI elements for CloudFlare Firewall integration
  • New CLI command –trace [ip]. This replaces the –w, –watch CLI command to Log SYN packets for an IP across iptables chains by using the iptables TRACE module
  • New Feature: Check the size of the ModSecurity IP D/B. This option will send an alert if the ModSecurity IP persistent storage grows excessively large. This is enabled on cPanel by default. See csf.conf for more information
  • New Feature: Allow use of comma separated list of ports in Advanced Allow/Deny Filters
  • WATCH_MODE in csf.conf and –w, –watch CLI commands removed in favour of the new –trace [add/remove] [ip] CLI command
  • Restrict the scope of Perl shebang replacement when installing on cPanel servers
  • Modifications and fixes for the example MESSENGERV2 templates
  • Ensure /proc/sys/net/netfilter/nf_conntrack_helper is enabled at startup to allow connection tracking to continue working on newer kernels
  • Stop needlessly setting <head> and <body> elements in Ajax returns
  • Various corrections and updates to readme.txt
  • Tweaks to the Mobile View UI button arrangement and spacing