New csf v7.15


  • Updated installer to fix generic installs on some Redhat/CentOS setups
  • Fixed issue with temporary allow/deny not applying individual port rules for outgoing connections


New cxs v5.04


  • Improvements to .htaccess fingerprint P0216 -> P0767
  • Modify installer to always perform an update on installation to ensure the latest definitions are always available
  • cxswatch will now scan a directories permissions if any of its attributes are changed and –options [w] and/or –options [W] is enabled
  • Updated scripts to use
  • Exploit fingerprint definitions database additions


Problems downloading from new site?

If you are having any problems downloading from our new download site, which also hosts the latest text version numbers and changelogs, then be sure to allow access to the current IP address for (currently: through your firewall.

New csf v7.12


  • Reverted PACKET_FILTER rule changes
  • OPEN added as an option to PS_PORTS so that TCP_IN and UDP_IN ports will be ignored by Port Scan Tracking by default, but can be added if desired