New cxs v13.00


  • NOTICE: Removed the long deprecated cxs integration with pure-ftpd. If this option was still installed and enabled, then this version of cxs will automatically stop and uninstall the pure-ftpd integration with cxs and cannot be re-enabled
  • Fixed issue with missing Account Creation Hook with cPanel install which prevented cxswatch detecting newly created cPanel accounts
  • Released a new and improved Bayesian database
  • Added new probability level of “veryhigh” which is now the default level for –paction [level] if B is added to quarantine/delete options
  • Renamed –[no]bayes to –[no]probability
    Renamed –breport [level] to –preport [level]
    Renamed –baction [level] to –paction [level]
    Note: the old commands continue to work as synonyms so no changes to existing installations is needed
  • Added Probability results to the Scan Summary if enabled