New csf v14.13


  • Added inline pid match to all system regexes to cater for logging changes
  • Use Text::Wrap to ensure email line lengths are within specifications
  • Updated dovecot log regexes to support the changed format in v2.3.15+

New csf v14.12


  • Added cPanel SaaS servers to cpanel.allow
  • Added a fix for RHEL v8 processes that were reporting excessive null or whitespace characters at the end of /prod/[pid]/cmdline. This is turn meant that such processes (e.g. spamd on cPanel servers) subverted some entries in csf.pignore
  • Updated systemd entries in csf.logignore for RHEL v8+
  • Updated dovecot log regexes to support the changed format in v2.3.15+
  • Modify LookUpIP to hopefully account for data inconsistencies from Maxmind

ConfigServer and cPanel on Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS

We now officially support cPanel running on Ubuntu for all of our scripts and services.

This includes our paid-for Service Packages, cxs, MailScanner/msfe and osm.

cPanel will soon be supporting cPanel running on Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS. We have tested all of our products, scripts and services once cPanel officially provides support for Ubuntu.

New csf v14.11


  • Added entries in csf.pignore for new cPanel installations:
  • Updated configuration files to support cPanel on Ubuntu
  • In Server Check don’t check for Fork Bomb protection on cPanel servers running CloudLinux

New osm v2.01


  • Fixed issue with updating exim acl file permissions
  • Updated installation document to include the perl module perl-JSON-XS
  • Fixed issue where localhost SMTP mail sent on a single connection to multiple recipients was being ignored