New MailScanner Script v2.42


  • New version of MailScanner v4.55.10
  • Set “Find Phishing Fraud = no” on new installations – the feature can add excessive load to a server

If you want to disable this for existing installations, the quickest way would be to:

replace “Find Phishing Fraud = yes” “Find Phishing Fraud = no” — /usr/mailscanner/etc/MailScanner.confservice MailScanner reload

New csf v2.02

Some bugfixes and changes to LF_DIRWATCH:

  • In LF_DIRWATCH, allow wildcard matching at the end of a file name in csf.fignore, such that /tmp/clamav* will ignore any files starting with /tmp/clamav, e.g. /tmp/clamav-1234
  • Added a throttle to LF_DIRWATCH – if more than 10 emails are being emailed in one pass, LF_DIRWATCH will create the file /etc/csf/csf.dwdisable and then disable itself. To get it watching again, either restart lfd or delete that file
  • Fixed a bug where LF_DIRWATCH always reported the same file when different files had been detected in a pass

New csf v2.00

Brand new feature:

  • New feature: Directory Watching. LF_DIRWATCH enables lfd to check /tmp and /dev/shm and other pertinent directories for suspicious files, i.e. script exploits. These can optionally be moved into a tarball
  • Directory Watching false-positives can be listed in csf.fignore which is accessible from the WHM UI

New csf v1.98

New version with a nice new feature for those with multiple NICs:

  • Modified code to allow for multiple ethernet NICs so that all rules are applied to all NICs, for example, if you have IP’s spread over eth0 and eth1. To do this you have to set ETH_DEVICE = “eth+”

New MailScanner Front-End v1.34

Bugfixes and version information:

  • Added MSFE version to the WHM UI
  • Added notification in MSFE when a new version becomes available and a link to the download manager
  • Changed language file for new installs for “Not set=Default Setting”
  • Change Spam white/blacklisting default setting in WHM UI to From: instead of FromOrTo:
  • All cPanel UI settings will now take effect whether the Individual Domain Settings have been saved or not (previously they had to be saved before the additional settings would take effect)

New csf v1.97

New changes for v1.97:

  • Tightened DNS port 53 connections in accordance with:
  • Moved no log dropping to the end of the chains
  • Moved allowed IP’s to before Block Lists

Be aware of the upgrade issues in v1.93 and v1.94: