MailScanner Front-End v3.1

Recent changes in MSFE: v3.1:

  • Added upgrade buttons for MailScanner and ClamAV if available to WHM
  • Fixed language issue with “Not Set” string translation
  • Modified advice text
  • Setting low/high scoring default now actually changes the default setting in the configuration files – previously it only changed the default option for end-users


  • Added Advanced Settings to toggle setting for FromOrTo:/From: for both black and white listed entries
  • Modified treatment of black and whitelisted IP entries so that they’re always configured as From: in the rulesets (MailScanner requirement)

If you wish to upgrade MSFE and have purchased an installation service package from us in the past, email and we’ll provide you with a download account for

New csf v1.73

Some new features and fixes:

  • Added new option LF_CSF to restart csf if iptables appears to have been flushed (i.e. stopped)
  • Added new option LF_SCRIPT_PERM to disable directories identified by LF_SCRIPT_ALERT – see csf.conf for more information
  • Workaround to child reaper when 2 children die at the same time
  • Added workaround for PT spamd false-positives