New csf v14.09


  • Improvements to CC IP lookup binary search
  • Modified index.recaptcha.php and index.php to use square instead of deprecated curly brackets on array index for PHP v7.4+
  • Modified Server Check regex matching on include in dovecot config files in RHEL v8+
  • Added workaround for iOS issue with bootstrap modals
  • Added EOL messages to Server Check report
  • Modified dovecot.conf parsing on cPanel for include_try in Server Check
  • Modified Apache 404 regex to check for either “info” or “error”
  • Added two new CLI options: –temprma [ip], –temprmd [ip]. This allows distinction between allow and deny that does not exist for –temprm [ip]
  • Updated UI to offer either –temprma [ip] or –temprmd [ip] instead of –temprm [ip]
  • Added PHP v7.2 EOL notice to Server Report