RHEL v6 EOL Reminder

This is a reminder that Redhat Enterprise Linux and CentOS v6 will enter End Of Life at the end of November 2020. This means that the OS will no longer receive security or bug fix updates and so should not be used on any server connected to the internet. For more information regarding OS EOL, see:



Anyone still running this OS should have or be currently making plans to migrate to v7 or v8 before then.

While our scripts and products may continue to work on v6, once EOL has been reached we will no longer be developing for that OS version and will not provide any support for it.

Therefore, we will not install or support RHEL/CentOS/CloudLinux v6 beyond the end of this month, and will also not provide our cPanel Server Service for v6 either.

RHEL/CentOS v7 and v8 are fully supported.