New csf v13.01


  • Added reseller support in InterWorx
  • Added reseller support in DirectAdmin
  • Added login failure detection on InterWorx (v6.3.16+). If LF_INTERWORX is enabled, INTERWORX_LOG will be scanned for login failures to NodeWorx and SiteWorx. This is enabled by default on all InterWorx installations
  • Fixed text in Firewall.php stub in InterWorx
  • Improved UI display in DA
  • Improved UI display in InterWorx
  • Fixed InterWorx UI issue with “Service Status” NodeWorx feature caused by Firewall.php stub
  • Created cronjob to check for new product versions for the UI (/etc/cron.daily/csget). A manual check is still available if needed. This does not affect the daily upgrade check if enabled