New csf v11.00


  • New Feature: CloudFlare Firewall integration. This feature provides blocking and unblocking functionality with the CloudFlare Firewall from within lfd, together with new CLI commands for direct access. See documentation for CF_ENABLE in csf.conf, information in readme.txt as well as the csf man page
  • Added UI elements for CloudFlare Firewall integration
  • New CLI command –trace [ip]. This replaces the –w, –watch CLI command to Log SYN packets for an IP across iptables chains by using the iptables TRACE module
  • New Feature: Check the size of the ModSecurity IP D/B. This option will send an alert if the ModSecurity IP persistent storage grows excessively large. This is enabled on cPanel by default. See csf.conf for more information
  • New Feature: Allow use of comma separated list of ports in Advanced Allow/Deny Filters
  • WATCH_MODE in csf.conf and –w, –watch CLI commands removed in favour of the new –trace [add/remove] [ip] CLI command
  • Restrict the scope of Perl shebang replacement when installing on cPanel servers
  • Modifications and fixes for the example MESSENGERV2 templates
  • Ensure /proc/sys/net/netfilter/nf_conntrack_helper is enabled at startup to allow connection tracking to continue working on newer kernels
  • Stop needlessly setting <head> and <body> elements in Ajax returns
  • Various corrections and updates to readme.txt
  • Tweaks to the Mobile View UI button arrangement and spacing