New csf v10.23


  • On cPanel servers, ensure that the csf driver for WHM is removed on uninstall
  • Added hooks for upcoming cxs IP Reputation Service
  • On non-cPanel servers, added csf.htmltag and csf.bodytag files to UI skinning (STYLE_CUSTOM). See readme.txt for more information
  • MESSENGERV2 released as stable on cPanel servers. This uses the Apache http daemon to provide the web service for MESSENGER HTML and HTTPS
  • Additions to csf.logignore on new installs
  • Added IPv6 support to BLOCKLISTS
  • Added Spamhaus DROPv6 and Stop Forum Spam IPv6 blocklists to csf.blocklists
  • Removed Spamcannibal and added from/to csf.rbls
  • Fixed issues with IPv6 rule creation attempts when IPV6 disabled
  • Automatically enable WAITLOCK on initial installation if supported