New csf v10.15


  • New EXPERIMENTAL feature on cPanel servers: MESSENGERV2. This uses the Apache http daemon to provide the web service for MESSENGER HTML and HTTPS
  • Added new option LF_APACHE_401 that works in a similar way to LF_APACHE_404 and LF_APACHE_403
  • Added new option RECAPTCHA_ALERT. This will send an email when a recaptcha unblock request is attempted by lfd. This option is enabled by default
  • Stability improvements to UI, MESSENGER and CLUSTER daemon processes
  • Added memory usage information to lfd log when using MESSENGER_HTTPS
  • Add limiter to enforce MESSENGER_CHILDREN when connections are waiting for a child process
  • Modify MESSENGER HTML examples for new installs to use inline images to improve page load speed and reduce lfd overheads
  • Modified network interface detection to allow dash (-) in name
  • URL updates in Server Check
  • Increased the default value for MESSENGER_RATE to 100/s (from 30/m) and MESSENGER_BURST to 150 (from 5) for all installations to alleviate slow MESSENGER response times
  • Set the SELinux security context for systemd and executable files
  • Ensure firewalld is masked on systemd servers