New csf v9.00


  • Convert, and to perl modules and modify the calling UI specific scripts
  • Updated cseUI so that is passes perl strict module checks
  • Fixed issue with deny removal of some IPv6 addresses
  • Ensure /etc/chkservd/lfd is recreated when lfd is enabled via csf -e on cPanel servers
  • Added exes to csf.pignore on existing and new cPanel server:
  • Ensure all file opens are properly flocked
  • Switch to using require instead of eval/use to load runtime modules where possible
  • Code review – started addressing perl critic suggestions in all scripts and modules
  • Moved to a seperate perl module
  • Moved email sending to a seperate perl module
  • Moved lfd logging to a seperate perl module
  • Add allow and ignore Include files for the cPanel Free SSL service from Comodo in cPanel v58+. These are included on new installations and added to existing files on cPanel installations
  • Fixed spurious Include error in lfd for csf.ignore