New MailScanner Installer v5.03


  • Improved cPanel perl version checking on install to ensure cPanel perl rpms are installed
  • Updated DirectAdmin installation instructions

New MailScanner Front-End (MSFE) v9.09


  • Improved cPanel perl version checking on install to ensure cPanel perl rpms are installed
  • Fixed issue on DA where PATH does not contain /usr/sbin/ preventing csf blocking from within MailControl
  • Updated cPanel end-user UI config allowed_parents with the latest perl version to fix message downloading

New MailScanner Front-End (MSFE) v9.06


  • If /etc/clamddisable exists, don’t install, enable or start clamavconnector on cPanel servers
  • Fixed issue with missing truncate when overwriting user files
  • Mute sa-learn cPanel perl module warnings in output

ConfigServer Scripts on cPanel v92 and CentOS v8

For those venturing into the new world of cPanel v92 in the EDGE tier on CentOS v8.2, our initial tests show that all of our scripts and products install and work as expected.

We had already done extensive work on CentOS v8 with csf, cxs and MailScanner to ensure they work in this new OS iteration (mostly on DirectAdmin) and the cPanel environment continues to provide for the resources needed to make installation, configuration and functionality straightforward.

New MailScanner Front-End (MSFE) v9.05


  • Fixed reporting of MySQL status errors in MailControl module
  • Changed MySQL characterset for tables from utf8 to utf8mb4 on new installs
  • Ensure the exim custom template directory is created on DA while installing
  • Fixed Search Reset button in end-user MailControl UI not working
  • Fixed Ham/Spam buttons in end-user MailControl UI when feature not enabled
  • Added “View in Browser” action in MailControl email view for html email bodies and other attachments for admin user

We are taking a short break and will close the store, helpdesk and email from Wednesday, 30 November through Tuesday, 6 December 2022.

If you purchase a license or Service Package before the closing date and require installation, please be sure to leave at least 24 hours before then for the work to be done. Otherwise, any work will be scheduled for after this period. We will reopen on Wednesday, 7 December 2022.