New csf v1.3

Can’t keep a good programmer down ;)Some nice new features and some speedups in this latest release:

  • Fixed a problem with the tick time in the alert report
  • Changed the way allow and deny IP addresses are inserted into iptables so that using the command line -a or -d doesn’t require a firewall restart
  • csf -l now shows iptables line numbers
  • Added login tracking (LT) options to keep track of POP3 and IMAP logins and limit them to X connections per hour per account per IP address. Uses iptables to block offenders to the appropriate protocol port only and flushes them every hour. All of these blocks are temporary and can be cleared by restarting csf

If you upgraded to v1.2 you should be able to upgrade now from within WHM, otherwise follow the upgrade.txt file in the tarball.