New rkhunter v1.2.9

The rkhunter developer has finally released a long awaited update:

  • This release added support for RHEL WS/AS/ES 3 Taroon update 8, Fedora Core 5, and SuSE 10. Checks were added for packet capturing applications and processes using deleted files. The netstat check was enabled for AIX and the backdoor check was enabled for SunOS. Logfile specification and checks were added., it looks like they still don’t support the most popular OS’s md5sums, i.e. RHEv4/CentOSv4To upgrade:

/bin/rm -Rf rkhunter*wget -xzf rkhunter-*cd rkhunter-*./ cd ../bin/rm -Rf rkhunter*rkhunter –updaterkhunter -c –skip-keypress