chkrootkit v0.47 released

chkrootkit 0.47 is now available!  This version includes:  * chkproc.c    - some bug fixes, thanks to Lantz Moore    - use of getpriority() to identify LKMs, thanks to      Yjesus(unhide) and Slider/Flimbo (skdet)    - new rootkit detected:       - Enye LKM  * chkrootkit    - new test:       - crontab    - new rootkits/worms detected:       - Enye LKM       - Lupper.Worm       - shv5    - more ports added to the bindshell test    - some minor bug fixeschkrootkit is a tool to locally check for signs of a rootkit.  Moreinformation about chkrootkit and rootkits can be found at