Download Product SHA256 Checksums

We have added a single downloadable text file that contains SHA256 checksums for all of our products. The file is linked to from each product download/installation page. The checksum within the file for each product refers to the latest version that can be downloaded from our site.

The latest SHA256 checksums of all our products can be downloaded here: checksums.txt

New MailScanner Front-End (MSFE) v8.20


  • Replaced “Open in new window” to “Expanded view” in MailControl which fills the browser and compacts the search and button panels. Added “Standard view” button to switch back. This no longer launches into a new window
  • Button to Install MailWatch has now been removed, existing MailWatch installs remain at users risk
  • Modified Mail::Sender SSL_version to be blank to allow IO::Socket::SSL defaults to be used. This fixes a problem with older perl modules and the latest exim configurations on cPanel when release forwarding email from within MailControl
  • Added MailControl sort fields to: subject, from_address and to_address
  • Set default sort direction to ASCENDING in MailControl except for Date/Time which defaults to DESCENDING
  • Modified MailControl table to make Subject link clickable to view email
  • Added “Block Client IP” to MailControl Bulk Actions
  • Fixed MailControl spinner/refresh behaviour
  • Added MailControl search for “All Headers (UTF-8)” which will search for Quoted-Printable UTF-8 strings in the email headers (e.g. Subject). Note: Only works with “CONTAINS” conditional and only on individual words
  • Modify MailControl Search Reset button to clear any existing search and refresh but then show the Search box