New csf v12.05


  • Removed RBLs from csf.rbls
  • Modify Project Honey Pot blocklist URLs to use https
  • Ignore $SIG{PIPE} when running ipset
  • Ensure csf shows ipset warnings
  • Added osmd to lfd restart routine when cPanel upgrades
  • Modified Server Check to look for underscore as well as dash settings
  • Added test in lfd to ensure the pidfile is open before attempting to close it
  • Added new regex for LF_EXIMSYNTAX
  • Added new option: URLPROXY. If you need csf/lfd to use a proxy, then you can set this option to the URL of the proxy

New osm v1.10


  • Added support for multiple trigger levels for each event type
  • Added Preconfigured Profiles in Event Configuration to to provide a simple way of setting up the default event configuration

ConfigServer Outgoing Spam Monitor

ConfigServer Outgoing Spam Monitor (osm) has been designed to use multiple methods to monitor outgoing email and SMTP connections for activity that could indicate a spammer is active on a server.
osm Event Configuration
With the proliferation of web scripts in shared hosting environments that are often poorly maintained or badly written, the chances of a hacker exploiting vulnerabilities in scripts is at an all time high.

Additionally, end-user PC’s and other devices that send email through a server (relay) that have been compromised and used as a spam source has always been a problem.os Settings

These issues along with spammers deliberately targeting hosting providers by purchasing accounts simply to send out spam have kept the diligence required to prevent spam from being sent from servers all the more difficult.

osm is for any server owner using cPanel that is concerned about future or active attempts to send out spam email through the server.

osm Main Page

osm targets all the methods available to keep track of outgoing email and SMTP connections.
osm is designed to be used entirely from the cPanel WHM UI, which provides both configuration and viewing of reports generated by a daemon process running continuously on the server.

For more information about osm, please visit the product page.