New csf v13.09


  • Due to MaxMind changing their free download policy to require signup and a license key, a new option MUST be configured to continue to use Country Code lookups (CC_LOOKUPS). The option MM_LICENSE_KEY must be set to the key obtained from the MaxMind site. See:

    Note: Existing installations will continue to use downloaded d/b’s from before the MaxMind change, though may be cleared after CC_INTERVAL

  • Changed CC_LOOKUPS option 4 from to as the former no longer exists
  • Fixed System Stats graphs not displaying on CyberPanel
  • Updated csf control panel reporting in version display

New cxs v11.12


  • Fixed issue with HTML report output sanitisation which caused cxs Watch child to die and break HTML email report rendering
  • Additional improvements to HTML report output sanitisation

New osm v1.22


  • Fixed gid group lookup during cwdcheck
  • Fixed UI typo
  • Improved packet detection for outgoing connections by checking against local IP addresses only. This should improve packet inspection resource load issues on servers with high SMTP network traffic
  • Normalise IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to ensure a match in the network protocol connection lists