Why you should use :fail: – addendum

I have added the following to the Why you should use :fail: page on our site:

Causes emails that will never be delivered onto the exim mail queue because checks such as sender verification are still carried out when processing such emails and if they cannot complete they will stay on the exim mail queue and repeatedly reprocess the email until it is finally discarded (usually 4+ days). This can cause very large mail queues full of spam which is repeatedly processed causing severe performance degradation

rkhunter v1.2.8 released

A new version of the popular rootkit hunter application has been released.Uprade instructions:

wget http://downloads.rootkit.nl/rkhunter-1.2.8.tar.gztar -xzf rkhunter-*cd rkhunter./installer.sh cd ../bin/rm -Rf rkhunter*rkhunter –updaterkhunter -c –skip-keypress

PHP v4.4.2 Released by cPanel

v4.4.2 has been released for inclusion in building apache/php on cPanel servers. I’ve upgraded all of our servers with it and it appears to be working well. From the php site:

This is a bug fix release, which addresses some security problems too. The major points that this release corrects are:

  • Prevent header injection by limiting each header to a single line.
  • Possible XSS inside error reporting functionality.
  • Missing safe_mode/open_basedir checks into cURL extension.
  • Apache 2 regression with sub-request handling on non-Linux systems.
  • key() and current() regression related to references.

This release also fixes about 30 other defects