New csf v2.74


  • Modified PHP Server Checks to use the php binary output instead of trying to find the active php.ini file
  • Added PHP Server Check for register_globals
  • Improvements to the Server Check code
  • Fixed bug in TCP port 23 check in Server Check
  • Added new option –check (-c) to check whether the installed version of csf is the latest, no update is performed
  • Added multiple csf configuration checks to the Server Check report
  • Added throttling to LF_INTEGRITY and increased the timeout proportionally

New csf v2.73


  • Modified SMTP_BLOCK warning on VPS servers to only display if the option is enabled
  • Modifed the Server Services Check text to omit using -del with chkconfig and better explain that a process is enabled even if it is not currently running and needs to be disabled to prevent startup on boot
  • Removed reliance on wget for updates and version checks
  • Coding improvements in and addon_csf.cgi
  • Added /var/log/lfd.log tail automatic refresh to WHM UI

New csf v2.72


  • Fixed problem with DENY_IP_LIMIT not counting all IP entries in csf.deny correctly
  • Ignore and issue a warning if SMTP_BLOCK is enabled on a Vituozzo VPS since the Virtuozzo VPS kernel does not support ipt_owner
  • Remove Shell/Fork Bomb Protection check (if a VPS) in Server Check as the option breaks a Virtuozzo VPS if enabled
  • Added more processes to check in Server Services Check
  • Removed restriction on outbound source port rule construction

Root crontab emails not being delivered

Just experienced an issue in cPanel v11 where root crontab emails aren’t being delivered. The jobs in /etc/cron.*/ work OK, but jobs in /var/spool/cron/root are failing to send emails to the root forwarder. It’s most likely a bug in the cPanel exim routers in v11.In the meantime, if you experience this problem, you can work around it by adding:

crontab -e

Then at the top of the root crontab set MAILTO= to your email address, e.g.:

New csf v2.70


  • Modified to adopt cPanel v11 WHM theme
  • Added ports 2077 and 2078 (cPanel WebDAV server) to csf.conf for new installations for v11 cPanel
  • Added FC5 to the list of (or soon to be) unsupported OS’s
  • Fixed LF_SMTPAUTH not correctly being set to LF_FTPD when upgrading

Fedora Core v5 LifeCycle Warning

For those that still insist on using Fedora Core in a production environment (which Fedora themselves do not recommend) be aware that Fedora Core 7 is due to be released in May. This means that support for Fedora Core 5 will be dropped a month later, meaning that you’ll have to upgrade your OS again unless you maintain all the installed applications yourself (a daunting task): you want a more reliable (i.e. supported) OS then I would strongly recommend you choose RedHat Enterprise (3, 4 or 5) or the equivalent CentOS release, instead. These are enterprise level production OS’s which are supported for years, not months, as is the case for Fedora.