New csf v13.09


  • Due to MaxMind changing their free download policy to require signup and a license key, a new option MUST be configured to continue to use Country Code lookups (CC_LOOKUPS). The option MM_LICENSE_KEY must be set to the key obtained from the MaxMind site. See:

    Note: Existing installations will continue to use downloaded d/b’s from before the MaxMind change, though may be cleared after CC_INTERVAL

  • Changed CC_LOOKUPS option 4 from to as the former no longer exists
  • Fixed System Stats graphs not displaying on CyberPanel
  • Updated csf control panel reporting in version display

New cxs v11.12


  • Fixed issue with HTML report output sanitisation which caused cxs Watch child to die and break HTML email report rendering
  • Additional improvements to HTML report output sanitisation

New cxs v11.09


  • Added official BETA CyberPanel support. While this should now integrate and work on CyberPanel, there may be bugs which should be reported and features either missing or not working correctly. We do not offer free installation on CyberPanel until it is out of BETA (only tested on CentOS v7). Note: Support is ONLY for non-EOL RHEL/CentOS/CloudLinux and CyberPanel v1.9.1+
  • Added alternative path check for systemctl and the cron service for some Debian versions
  • Modified systemd service to cater for RHEL/CentOS v7.7 pidfile symlink check changes