New osm v1.26


  • Fixed issue where event buffering delayed detection of an ongoing event
  • Convert embedded IPv4 addresses in /proc/net/tcp6 back to IPv4

New osm v1.25


  • Added configuration option for packet scanning ports. This can be modified if desired, provided the implications are understood
  • Fixed UI help html
  • Added a read timeout to the pcap_open_live function to reduce timeout polling and to buffer multiple packets for processing
  • Fixed issue with the UI upgrade not returning correctly leading to a blank page
  • Convert UI to use the csget mechanism for checking new versions

New OSM v1.24


  • Added hostname to osm report email Subject
  • Fixed issue where csf IP blocks within report UI were not being actioned
  • Fixed issue with Report UI html output formatting
  • Fixed issue with existing firewall IP blocks not being identified in Report UI

New OSM v1.23


  • Fixed ability to ignore src and/or dst IP address during packet inspection

New osm v1.22


  • Fixed gid group lookup during cwdcheck
  • Fixed UI typo
  • Improved packet detection for outgoing connections by checking against local IP addresses only. This should improve packet inspection resource load issues on servers with high SMTP network traffic
  • Normalise IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to ensure a match in the network protocol connection lists

Control Panel Support

After the fun and panic in the last few days regarding the changes in the control panel landscape, we wanted to provide some information on what we are doing to reassure our customers regarding our development plans for our products.

We are currently working on integration and support of csf, cxs and osm on several control panels including:

  • Directadmin:
    csf is already available and supported
    cxs is already available but not yet supported
    osm is in development
  • InterWorx:
    csf and cxs are both in development and we hope to have versions of both available soon

We will also look into MailScanner support on DirectAdmin with our Front-End (MSFE).

Other control panels may follow, but we don’t have them on our roadmap yet.

We do not yet have timescales, but the work is currently active.

Download Product SHA256 Checksums

We have added a single downloadable text file that contains SHA256 checksums for all of our products. The file is linked to from each product download/installation page. The checksum within the file for each product refers to the latest version that can be downloaded from our site.

The latest SHA256 checksums of all our products can be downloaded here: checksums.txt

New osm v1.21


  • Ensure /etc/osm/reports is created when needed

New osm v1.20


  • Fixed issues with %age event logging in osmd.log
  • Added new UI option “Monitor osmd Activity”. This allows monitoring of the events that osmd is currently tracking

New osm v1.16


  • Fixed typo in documentation
  • Added UI option “View/Modify the current hold/disable (discard) status of accounts/email addresses”
  • Added check for cPanel option email_outbound_spam_detect_enable and warn in osm that it should be disabled to avoid confusion

We are taking a short break and will close the store, helpdesk and email from Wednesday, 30 November through Tuesday, 6 December 2022.

If you purchase a license or Service Package before the closing date and require installation, please be sure to leave at least 24 hours before then for the work to be done. Otherwise, any work will be scheduled for after this period. We will reopen on Wednesday, 7 December 2022.