Download Product SHA256 Checksums

We have added a single downloadable text file that contains SHA256 checksums for all of our products. The file is linked to from each product download/installation page. The checksum within the file for each product refers to the latest version that can be downloaded from our site.

The latest SHA256 checksums of all our products can be downloaded here: checksums.txt

New osm v1.20


  • Fixed issues with %age event logging in osmd.log
  • Added new UI option “Monitor osmd Activity”. This allows monitoring of the events that osmd is currently tracking

New osm v1.16


  • Fixed typo in documentation
  • Added UI option “View/Modify the current hold/disable (discard) status of accounts/email addresses”
  • Added check for cPanel option email_outbound_spam_detect_enable and warn in osm that it should be disabled to avoid confusion

New osm v1.12


  • osm will now reprocess exim log line events for the total number of
    recipients listed. This ensures that for this type of detection a
    single email sent to hundreds of recipients will not count as a single
    event, but the total number of recipients. This option can be disabled
    if each log line should be treated as a single event in the Main
  • Improved parent/child pipe processing to avoid delays due to buffering

New osm v1.10


  • Added support for multiple trigger levels for each event type
  • Added Preconfigured Profiles in Event Configuration to to provide a simple way of setting up the default event configuration