New MailScanner Script v2.56 (including BETA support for Incoming Scanning installation)


  • Added BETA support for MailScanner option to only scan incoming email
  • New version of MailScanner v4.59.4

The new Incoming Scanning only option is now available within this package. After upgrading MailScanner you can easily switch to use Incoming Scanning Only with:

usr/mscpanel/ in

You can switch back at any time to In/Out Scanning using:

usr/mscpanel/ inout

Limitations on In Scanning Only option:

  • If you use cmq you need to upgrade it to at least v1.09 (which has been released)
  • If you use MSFE then it will currently always show as “Disabled” and will show the incorrect information in “View Queues”
  • If you use MSFE outbound emails will not show in MailWatch (since they’re not being scanned!)
  • The required change to the exim startup is implemented/maintained using /scripts/postexim4install at present

New cmq v1.06

Changes in v1.05:

  • Added option to view queued email subject
  • Added option to search queued email by subject text match
  • Added compatibility with cPanel v11 WHM theme

Changes in v1.06:

  • Added option to search queued email by header text match
  • Added option to search queued email by body text match