Searching for Spammers

I have added a new page to our site to explain some of the processes that we go through when Searching for Spammers on a server. The hope is that this will help readers to understand where spam comes from and, using that knowledge, how to backtrack through the server logs to find the entry point on your server.It isn’t meant to be a comprehensive guide on the subject, but I hope it gives you a starting point. Hopefully it also illustrates some the work we do as part of our Anti-Spammer/Exploit Service.

Why you should use :fail: – addendum

I have added the following to the Why you should use :fail: page on our site:

Causes emails that will never be delivered onto the exim mail queue because checks such as sender verification are still carried out when processing such emails and if they cannot complete they will stay on the exim mail queue and repeatedly reprocess the email until it is finally discarded (usually 4+ days). This can cause very large mail queues full of spam which is repeatedly processed causing severe performance degradation

HelpDesk Move

We’ve moved our helpdesk to a new server (in the UK) and a new domain. for those that use our services, please update your bookmarks to use the following URL from now on:

Vulnerabalities and Viruses

Added a new page to the site that lists the latest bugs and vulnerabilities from Security Focus and the most current virus threats from ESET

I must say that I really do like NOD32 for windows-based virus scanning and we use it on our main PC’s. Our servers are, of course, all protected by ClamAV which works excellently at filtering out email borne viruses 🙂