New cmm v1.08


  • Dramatically reduced memory overhead of listing mail directories by only reading the first 200 lines of any email. Also speeds up directory listing greatly
  • Display only the first 1000 lines of any email to reduce memory overhead and speed up display
  • Added new upgrade mechanism
  • Removed use of the cat binary
  • Added “Select by Search” JS code, thanks to rafaelfpviana on the forum for the code

Upgrade through WHM or by following the installation instructions again.

New cmm v1.06


  • Modified to not follow symlinks introduced in cPanel v11 for any actions which, if the main account is emptied, could lead to the emptying of all email accounts within the tree
  • Added compatibility with cPanel v11 WHM theme
  • Fixed issue where valiases/vfilters files were not being created with the correct file ownership

New cmm v1.04


  • UI changes when browsing a mailbox when within a directory only show the current directory and emails. Added Go Up button to return to the top of the mailbox
  • Added selected delete of files when browsing a mailbox
  • Added empty directory when browsing a mailbox
  • Added cPanel account quota check before allowing edit of filters or forwarders or adding a new mailbox to prevent data loss in the event of quota exceeded for the account