cPanel v11.50 cxs and pure-ftp startup/login problems

If you are running cPanel CURRENT and have just upgraded to v11.50 and have cxs installed with ftp upload scanning and pure-ftpd is not restarting correctly, you may need to run the following to ensure pure-ftpd starts correctly:

service pure-uploadscript restart


/etc/init.d/pure-uploadscript restart

New csf v7.69


  • Modified LF_CSF on cPanel servers to detect a change in the cPanel version and then trigger a restart of ConfigServer scripts (added cxs pure-uploadscript restart)

New cxs v5.23


  • Added the ability to use positive –options [+][], i.e. the default list of options is used in addition to those listed when prefixed with a plus
  • Improvements to –decode ([D])
  • Added atime, ctime and mtime to newly quarantined file descriptions viewable from the UI and the CLI via –qview [file].restore4
  • Ensure /var/log/cxswatch.log ownership and permissions are set on each update in case of rotation
  • File md5sum added to cgi and ftp alert email